How Do Pheromones Work?

1. Detection: When a woman smells our pheromone-infused fragrance, specialized receptors in her nasal cavity detect the pheromone molecules present in the scent.

2. Brain Response: These detected pheromone molecules then trigger a signal to the brain's limbic system, which is responsible for emotions and behaviors.

3. Seduction: The brain's limbic system activates primal instincts of seduction and heightened sexual arousal. This response can lead to increased libido and a heightened desire for intimate encounters.


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    I cant believe this works.

    I thought i would give this a try and it really does work. I wore it to the bar the other night and multiple women complemented me on my smell.

    Will L.

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    Great Stuff

    This stuff is amazing. My girl is all over me.

    Jake B.

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    Magic in a bottle

    This stuff is the holy grail of colognes. If your thinking about it, just buy it.

    Nick O.

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